UPDATE: This podcast is no longer airing. Please check out my Sound Bites Podcast here.
Announcing: A Grain of Salt – a new podcast hosted by myself and another registered dietitian nutritionist, Rachel Begun.

To take something with a grain of salt means to view it with skepticism.  Since food and nutrition information in the news is often oversimplified and sensationalized, Rachel and I are taking a closer look, dishing up some fresh perspectives, and adding a dash of healthy skepticism.  We hope to provide you with some food for thought and some credible resources to help you digest food and nutrition information and make your own well-informed decisions.

If you have topic suggestions for the podcast – please leave your ideas and comments below!

What Type of Exercise is Best for Weight Loss? (Click here for the Energy Balance Webinar; Click here for Karen Collins’ video/blog; Click here for info on Sarcopenia)
Healthy Expectations: Pregnancy Weight, Exercise and Food Safety
Diabetes During Pregnancy
New FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Standard- What’s It All About?
On the Menu: Nutrition Labeling (Click here for Health Professional Resources)
The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners
Is Fresh Always Best?
Processed Foods: Let’s Move Beyond the Semantics
To Supplement or Not to Supplement – That is the Question
More Than Just SALT: The Foods You Should Be Eating for High Blood Pressure
The Gluten Free Trend: What You May Not Know
Does Eating Healthy Cost More?
FDA Proposes Significant Changes to Nutrition Facts Panel

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