Podcast Episode 044: What Are High School Health Teachers Telling Our Kids? – Andrew Milne

Aug 2, 2016

Our kids are bombarded every day with health and nutrition information and misinformation in the news. But what are they learning in the classroom? And are they able to digest this information and make their own, well-informed health and nutrition decisions?

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Andrew Milne

Andrew Milne,
Health Teacher

Andrew Milne, Illinois’ Health Teacher of the Year 2016, has traveled around the world in his 20 years as a teacher and coach. Originally from England, Andy taught physical education in London for 12 years before immigrating to America in 2008. Since that time he has worked in Special Education, written and taught a health curriculum and now teaches Kinetic Wellness and Health at a high school in the Chicagoland area. Andy received his BA (hon) in Sports & Recreation at Staffordshire University and his PGCE in Physical Education & English at Exeter University, both in England.

A member of ASHA and SHAPE America, Andy is the health representative for IAHPERD and also serves on the Social Media Committee. He has been recognized for his innovative use of technology in the classroom. He uses these tools to give an authentic voice to his students, extend the life of their creations and bridge the gap between the classroom and the community. Having presented at State, District and National level, Andy believes that it is the role of his students to share the message of health literacy with friends, family, and the community before then advocating for those less health- literate than themselves.

Andy shares his passion for teaching via social media and his engaging teaching ideas via the Tools2Engage blog. He also launched the slowchathealth blog which releases a daily question on twitter using the #slowchathealth hashtag.

Andy Milne speaking

Andy Milne speaking

Here are the resources we mentioned on the show:
1. Andrew on Twitter
2. Slowchathealth.com and Tools2Engage
3. Farmland movie and curriculum website and overview (download PDF here)
4. Ag in the Classroom
5. Portion Size Me video
6. Brian Wansink’s Slim By Design and Mindless Eating
7. USDA’s MyPlate
8. How to Read a Food Label by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
9. Find a Dietitian through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
10. U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance
11. Sound Bites podcast interviews with Jim Painter and Brian Wansink
12. Other agriculture-related podcast episodes from Sound Bites:

Disclosure: Melissa/Sound Bites has a partnership with USFRA


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