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We all need supportive friends and family to help us on our way.  It’s a sign of strength and intelligence to seek out that support and to leverage it!  But that support does not need to be limited to just family and friends.  If you’re looking for that secret ingredient in your recipe for success then check out these RD B2B services and consider all of the incredibly powerful ways you can invest in yourself and your career!

Announcing a Whole New Approach

PROLOGUE: I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Michaela in person, yet.  However, her blog and her podcast caught my eye as soon as I came across it.  I really like her approach to nutrition and love the fact she is using podcasts to help spread her messages. And differentiate herself. I’ve been planning to do some video blogs and/or podcasts in the near future – especially now that my blog is almost one year old and I feel like I’m getting some “blog muscles”! I hope you enjoy this interview and getting to know Michaela as much as I have.

Directory of Interviews – The Cast List

Miss an interview?  Just click on a name below to get a repeat performance! YouTube Video “Starter Kit” Dietitians on YouTube and Podcasts Toby Amidor Karen Ansel Torey Jones Armul Lindsay Arnett Alice Baland Michaela Ballmann Judy Barbe Rachel Begun Julie Beyer Janice Newell Bissex Rebecca Bitzer Janet Bond Brill Chere Bork Kit Broihier Kate G. Byers Sheila Campbell Tina Gowin Carlucci Alexandra Caspero Digna Cassens Jill Castle Jean R. Caton Mary Lee Chin Neva Cochran Stephanie Cundith Danielle Cushing Carrie Dennet Michelle Dudash Alexandra Economy Suzanne Farrell Dr. Maree Ferguson Anne M. Fletcher Emma J. Fogt Kait Fortunato Lauren Fowler Sandra Frank Ruth Frechman Keri Gans Joey Gochnour David W. Grotto Jen Haugen Dayle Hayes Sally Cummins Healy Janet Helm Melinda Hemmelgarn Annette Hottenstein Laura Hoover Shelley Johnson Regan Jones Sylvia Klinger Sarah Koszyk Ellie Krieger Monica Lebre Angela Lemond Casey Lewis Dr. Jo Lichten Lindsay Livingston Sheryl Lozicki Kara Lydon Dana Magee Annette Maggi Liz Marr Leah McGrath Tamara Melton Amy Myrdal Miller Linda S. Eck Mills Elana…

Calling All Guest Bloggers!

“Casting Call” If you want to do more writing and get more exposure – guest blogging is a great way to accomplish that goal!  I need RDs to help me share more stories, tips and tricks for boosting nutrition communication skills. I’m looking for RDs to: interview RDs in communications and share their stories, tips and resources help gather and compile communications tips and resources for traditional media, social media, writing, speaking, etc. help gather and compile nutrition communications examples and clips to share on the blog suggest other ideas of what RDs might like to see on this blog Please contact me today if you are interested!  Thank you! Melissa@SoundBitesRD.com  

Stay Tuned! Regan Jones is Certainly One to Watch

PROLOGUE: I first met Regan when I started working for the dairy council in 2003.  Although we worked for two different regional dairy associations, we met in person once or twice a year at national meetings.  I was so impressed with her style and professionalism.  She was very sharp and clearly one of the best dairy council spokespeople.  A year or so later I was disappointed to hear that she was leaving to pursue other career opportunities (happy for her but sad for the dairy council).  But our paths continued to cross occasionally and I was so excited to see her create such a distinctive and exceptional niche for herself with her Professional Palate platform. When my first guest blogger, Vicki Shanta-Retelny, decided she wanted to interview Regan I was thrilled.  Regan was already on my “list” but now her interview is complete and we can share all her wisdom and insight with you without any further delay!


Disclosure Statement for Melissa Joy Dobbins, Sound Bites, Inc. Updated as of March 2020 •    Information presented on this site is intended as an informational representation of the nutrition and communications services provided by my company, Sound Bites, Inc., as well as the various brands owned by Sound Bites, Inc., including The Guilt-Free RD brand, Food for Thought blog, and the Sound Bites podcast. None of the information on this site or the services performed by Melissa Joy Dobbins/Sound Bites, Inc. should be considered medical diagnosis or treatment. •    Melissa Joy Dobbins/Sound Bites, Inc. does accept payment for speaking engagements, freelance projects and consulting work from a variety of clients, including but not limited to food companies and food commodity organizations. All attempts are made when mentioning a client through a social media channel to utilize the hashtags #ad or #sponsored as applicable. •    Melissa Joy Dobbins/Sound Bites, Inc. currently has, or in the past year has had, a monetary relationship (i.e. employment, contract, freelance work (i.e. speaker, spokesperson, ambassador)…

Want to Be an Expert Communicator? Here’s a Showcase of Real Life Examples from the Pros

Excellent communication starts with being clear, concise and compelling.  And memorable, meaningful messages need to have what I call the “OOOh! Factor” – they need to be Organized, have some Originality to them, and make your audience say “Oh! I get it! I can do that!” I’ve been collecting clips and examples of dietitians in communications to share with my audiences when I do media trainings and presentations like the one I recently did with Christine Palumbo for the DBC Communications Camp in Napa.  

If you’re in business….You’re a speaker

Business Coach and Speaker Jean Caton shared this article on speaking.  Learn about the Know, Like, and Trust steps of the Buying Cycle, find out Jean’s four favorite tips for speakers and her tips to overcome the fear of public speaking!

Your Success is THIS Dietitian’s Business!

PROLOGUE: Although I haven’t met Jean in person (yet), I’ve heard about her through word of mouth, especially the NE DPG.  I also heard that her presentation at FNCE 2012 in Philly about six-figure careers in dietetics was very well received (I was disappointed that I had to miss it but I was at my booth in the Member Product MarketPlace)!  After FNCE I attended one of her free teleclasses and decided I wanted her to be MY business coach.

Writing Tips & Resources

“What resources do you recommend for becoming a better writer or breaking into the writer’s market?”  This is one of the most popular questions I receive from my clients and audiences. So I compiled a list of suggestions that I hope will be helpful and I will continue to update it as I gather more resources.  Thank you to the RDs who have shared their recommendations.  Please post YOUR faves as a comment below or email me directly at Melissa@SoundBitesRD.com.

Nutrition Communications Grant Announcement!

Frederick Green Memorial Internship in Nutrition Communications Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation This award provides a grant for a nutrition and dietetics student who has secured an unpaid, full-time, 6- to 8-week summer internship with a registered dietitian who is a member of the Academy specializing in nutrition communications, specifically related to media and public relations. The practitioner should be one who can use assistance and provide the student with meaningful experiences related to media and nutrition communications. This must not be a position that the RD could or would normally be able to pay a student or RD to do.

It’s a Wrap! This RD-Chef Dishes Up Sage Advice

PROLOGUE: Michelle Dudash is one of only a handful of dietitians who also holds the title of chef.  I knew of her through social media and had seen her terrific presentation at FNCE 2011 in San Diego.  Then I met her in person at FNCE 2012 in Philly and enjoyed a “girl’s night out” with her and two other RD friends where I got to pick her brain on all things from soup to nuts.  

Peak Performance: Mommy Dietitian’s Ministry of Nutrition

PROLOGUE:  I had heard of Angela Lemond (aka ‘Mommy Dietitian’) long before I had the pleasure of meeting her.  She’s one of the most well-known mommy bloggers who is also a dietitian.  At the end of my first year as an Academy Spokesperson I learned that Angela would be joining our team and I was eager to meet her and find out more about her, and I was already interested in interviewing her for my blog.  When we met she was so warm and personable and I have really enjoyed getting to know her better.  Needless to say I am impressed with her and truly inspired by her Mt. Kilamanjaro climb!   

From Boot Camp to Homeland Security…This RD is on a Mission!

Follow Spot on Teresa Wagner PROLOGUE: Teresa and I have known each other for years as we were both dairy council dietitians but in different regions (she was based in Texas and I was based in Chicago). Most of our work together was as national media spokespersons for the National Dairy Council which we both had the privilege of doing for many years.  During that time, we were fortunate enough to have some of the best media and communications training in the business, including crisis communications training (which is like media training “on steroids”)!  When I found out that Teresa actually conducted a crisis communications workshop for New Mexico Homeland Security, I just had to interview her for my blog.

Nutrition in the News: Science Fact or Science Fiction?

They Blinded Me With Science! Does it seem like you’re always hearing about a new study that reports the opposite of what another study recently reported?  When you hear where the research was conducted, or who funded it, does it influence you one way or the other?  Where can you turn to make sense of what might seem like a lot of nonsense? You’re not alone.   The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ “Nutrition and You” public opinion surveys  show that the percentage of people who actively seek information about nutrition and healthful eating has more than doubled since 2000 from 19 percent to 46 percent in 2011.  But at the same time, nutrition, and the science behind it, seems to be getting more complicated from farm to fork. The devil is in the details.  Let’s take a deeper dive into some challenges and solutions.


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