Nutrition and Communications are a Perfect Pair for this Dietitian

PROLOGUE: There are only a few people you meet in life and think “is it possible this person is really this nice?”  Vicki is one of those people.  So I was more “pleasantly” than “surprised” when she was one of the first dietitians to respond to my request for guest bloggers.  Not only have I known her for years and really want to get some guest bloggers going – but what a bonus that she’s such an amazing writer!  I remember meeting Vicki back when I was the retail dietitian for Jewel-Osco in the early 2000s.  She was a fairly “new” dietitian and wanted to pick my brain about my career path and communications.  She was very sharp and professional and had great questions.  I could see she was very passionate about nutrition and wasn’t surprised at all when I started seeing her name pop up in the nutrition world around Chicago and beyond.  

Amy Sowards’ AES Nutrition Offers Free Webinars to Help RDs Build Their Biz

With a unique RD B2B approach, Amy Sowards provides a variety of free webinars to help RDs build their businesses.  Check out the options here and be sure to read my interview with Amy here.     

Impressive Debut: Published by the American Diabetes Association

PROLOGUE: I met Jill in person at AADE 2012 in Indianapolis.  I had heard about her new book Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week and was excited to talk with another RD who shared my passion for diabetes.  And I was so impressed that her book was published by the American Diabetes Association! We met up at the Irish Coffee Social on Thursday night and I enjoyed talking with her so much that I ignored my curfew for the 5K run the next morning.  It was well worth it (and I still made good time at the race)!

Dietitian Finds Rewarding Work in Helping Other RDs Build Their Businesses

PROLOGUE: I first noticed Amy Sowards and her company AES Nutrition Education (which is an RD B2B) on the NE DPG listserv (which if you are not a member, stop reading this blog right now and go sign up!  It is an incredible resource for any dietitian!).  I attended one of Amy’s free business webinars and found it very informative.  And, I was very impressed when I saw that she was compiling a list of RDs and their various services on her website.  Since we clearly shared a passion for supporting other RDs in their career goals, I knew I had to interview her for my blog.  When I did, I was surprised to see how although we have different backgrounds and experiences, they shaped both of us in similar ways.  I’m excited about what Amy is doing and love the fact that she is supporting RDs in similar yet different ways than my biz.  Keep an eye on her – she’s going places!

Eating Free: A Labor of Love

PROLOGUE: I met Manuel when I became an Academy Spokesperson last year.  He’s a very likeable guy – lots of fun to be around.  When he told me about his new book, Eating Free, I knew I wanted to check it out and knew it would probably be good, solid, evidence-based.  But I didn’t know I would love it.  

Hope for Diabetes Care: Communications, Connections Can Create Change

PROLOGUE: I met Hope briefly in person years ago at an annual conference for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).  Any RDs who are involved with diabetes should be very familiar with her and her impressive work in the field.  I was thrilled at the opportunity to interview her and even more impressed with her work after learning more about all the great things she’s doing in the name of diabetes.

Hope Warshaw’s Resources for Educators to Engage in Social Media

To encourage her diabetes educator colleagues, other RDs and HCPs, to encourage their clients with diabetes and their loved ones to open the door to the DOC, Hope developed a resource. It’s available as a printable pdf or as a web-based version with clickable links. Please use it and connect HCPs and people with diabetes to the DOC!!                             You can also check out the slides from AADE 2012 presentation: Power Your Practice in Our Socially Networked World. To read Hope’s interview click here.

Toby Smithson’s DiabetesEveryDay web resource

DiabetesEveryDay is a web resource that helps people with diabetes stay focused between face-to-face visits with educators, and provides practical tools like a weekly menu to make self management easier.  Diabetes itself is 24/7, but patients have limited access to their educators.  Toby’s website, DiabetesEveryDay, can be there every day.  Click here to read Toby’s interview.

Planting the Seeds for Better Nutrition and Health

PROLOGUE: I met Sharon Palmer when she contacted me to help her prepare for her book tour (for her new book The Plant-Powered Diet).  She had tons of public speaking and writing experience, but had never been on TV, and she knew her book tour would require that.   Sharon was so easy and fun to work with!  She already had wonderful communication skills that, with a little guidance and insight, were transferrable to doing on-camera work.  By the time we were done working together, she was ready to rock her book tour and I was ready to share the exciting story about her new book.

Sharon Palmer’s Writing Workshop Materials

Thank you to Sharon Palmer for sharing this wonderful piece she created for a Writing Workshop she conducted for the California Dietetic Association!            

Deconstructing a TV segment – Act II of II: The big day!

All the really hard work is done – you’re in the home stretch now!  Here are my top ten tips for the big day.  Be sure to check out Act I here for all the preparation tips for before the big day!

Retail Dietitian Toolkit & Recipes

Thank you to Stephanie Cundith for sharing these valuable communications resources on The retail dietitian toolkit highlights dairy’s nutrition and economic value and includes talking points, educational handouts, a template newsletter article and an in-store sampling guide. In addition, be sure to check out Midwest Dairy Council’s many recipes featuring milk, cheese and yogurt on  These are useful tools for your nutrition communications outreach efforts!

The Future of Food: A Dairy Dietitian Communicates the Science and the Strategies for Better Nutrition on Behalf of America’s Dairy Farmers

PROLOGUE: I met Stephanie when she came to work for the Midwest Dairy Council back in 2006, where I was working as a Nutrition Communications Manager.  I was based in Chicago and she was in the Kansas City area, so we only saw each other in person a few times a year, but she quickly became a dear friend and valued coworker.  We held the same position, just covered different regions.  And we both served as National Dairy Council spokespersons for several years together.

Deconstructing a TV segment – Act I of II

Have you ever wondered “What really goes into a live TV interview?” or “What are the steps involved and how many hours does it take?”  On the heels of my most recent TV interview, I thought I would share some behind the scenes information In hopes of providing some helpful tips for other RDs.

When personal and professional paths meet: Leading the way with an exciting new resource for people with diabetes

Prologue: I’ve known Toby so long I can’t actually recall the first time we met.  Perhaps a dietitian friend introduced us at a meeting or our paths crossed because of our shared passion for diabetes education and for communications.  Needless to say, I’ve always respected Toby’s long-time work in public health, her drive to promote nutrition through communications, and her desire to help those with diabetes live better lives.  I’m so glad we get to work together as Academy spokespersons in the Chicago market.


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