Bonus Episode: Food Waste: Save Money & The Planet – Michele Payn & Eliz Greene

Mar 18, 2020

Food Waste Facts, Tips & Resources

Each year, the average family of four wastes an average of 1,000 pounds of food at home, resulting in $1,500 lost. Contrary to popular belief, consumers waste more food than farmers and grocers – households are responsible for over 40% of the food wasted in the United States. Dairy products and vegetables are estimated to make up almost 40% of the food wasted by consumers. Fruit, grain products, and meat, poultry, and fish are the other leading categories that contribute to food wasted by consumers.

Tune in to this episode to learn about:

  • The many factors that contribute to food waste
  • How and why food waste is bad for the environment
  • How confusion over food label dates creates food waste
  • Tips to minimize food waste in your own home
  • Resources to help you shop better, meal plan, store food properly and more

Food Bullying Podcast – Michele Payn & Eliz Greene

Michele Payne of the Food Bullying PodcastMichele Payn is known as one of the leading voices in connecting farm and food, bringing common sense to the overly emotional food conversation. Michele is a mom who is tired of the guilt trips around food, so she wrote Food Bullying: How to Avoiding Buying B.S. She is also the author of No More Food Fights! and Food Truths from Farm to Table.

Eliz Greene of the Food Bullying PodcastEliz Greene survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins which motivated her to share her story to inspire other busy people to pay attention to their health. As a professional speaker, she shares down-to-earth strategies on wellness, leadership, and stress management. She writes a Top Health and Wellness Blog and has also authored Stress-Proof Your Heart and Busy Women’s Guide to a Healthy Heart. 

The Sound Bites® Podcast is teaming up with the Food Bullying Podcast during March National Nutrition Month and National Agriculture Month to bring you information on Food Waste and Food Insecurity in a back-to-back bonus episode release.


Food Bullying Podcast on Food Insecurity

Food Waste Toolkit | Interactive storage guide | Recipes to use up just about anything

Foodkeeper App

The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry video – Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide – Donate or Receive Food

The State of America’s Wasted Food & Opportunities to Make a Difference – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, Chris Vogliano and Katie Brown

USDA Meat, Poultry and Egg Product Inspection Directory App

Where’s my milk from

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

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