Episode 129: Amee Livingston and Lance Pekus

This is the second in a 2-part series where we discuss what strength means to each guest. We talk about physical strength but also mental and emotional strength. We discuss the “Four Cornerstones” of eating to support strength, some practical tips for tweaking your meals and snacks as well as simple cooking ideas and meal prepping advice – and we also talk about life on a cattle ranch and how both the land and the animals are cared for.

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Podcast Episode 117: Shelley Balanko

 A Snacking Evolution Much of how and what we eat is culturally determined. Because we are snacking more often, it’s important to understand our snacking motivations and expectations.” Snacking, once culturally taboo, is now a legitimate pattern of eating, changing the way we eat and how we are nourished. 50% of all eating occasions…

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Joan Salge Blake Sound Bites Podcast

 Why do Americans fall into the trap of throwing away perfectly good food? On today’s episode, Dr. Joan Salge Blake shares stories of how her book came about and how her interest in talking trash originated. “Forty percent of food in the U.S. goes uneaten and ends up in our landfills. Contrary to popular…

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Melissa Dobbins as Rosie the Riveter

As I approached turning 50 this year I had a lot of thoughts and feelings. To be honest with you, mostly scattered thoughts and mixed feelings. My life is quite different than it was when I was 30, or even 40 years old. Like most people my age, I have had some significant losses. But I also have so much to celebrate.

When I thought about this milestone birthday, I thought about “healthy aging” but that seemed a little negative and my thoughts quickly evolved into aging ‘strong’ or living ‘strong’. I wanted to celebrate being strong and healthy and able to participate in my life to the fullest. I thought about physical health, but also mental health, and all the ways I try to take care of myself every day, every week, every month. I have struggled with self-care. I know I’m not alone.

What does it mean to me to be strong? To grow and age healthfully? To live life to the fullest? What health habits are important to me, where did they come from, and where do I turn for inspiration?

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