I just wrapped up a couple of whirlwind months traveling and speaking at conferences across the U.S. including state AND affiliate meetings, media trainings and communications workshops, and the 4th annual Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium in New Orleans. I’ve been asked to speak more lately about presentation skills and wanted to share some of the information and inspiration with you here!

“Most people want to be a better, more comfortable, more effective speaker. Just remember, the presentation is not about YOU – it’s about your audience, and the information and inspiration you are sharing with them.”

As a seasoned communications and media expert, I have learned that being an effective communicator is much more than simply being comfortable in front of an audience and sharing good content. It’s not just about educating your audience, but also engaging and empowering them!

In my presentations and workshops, and also this video for the American Association of Diabetes Educators, I discuss my Top Tips to Be a Better Speaker.

I also shared these tips and resources:

My free Sound Science Toolkit – to help you communicate evidence-based information

Let your personality shine through! Check out dietitian Mary Purdy’s videos for a great example of this.

Expert tips from dietitian and speaker Dr. Jo including: “People don’t remember tips, they remember stories. But any story you tell must make a POINT and tie into your presentation.”

Expert tips from dietitian and speaker Chere Bork including: “ENERGY is the secret weapon between the speaker and the audience. Be authentic, be humble and be spontaneous.”

Storytelling info and tips from dietitian Jean Storlie.

Don’t get stuck in a PowerPoint rut! Consider other visuals like food, props, whiteboards, paper charts, etc. My Food & Props 101 video shares some great tips for visuals!

Download my free Resource List and Presentation Checklist from the Today’s Dietitian conference and sign up for my monthly newsletter for more resources and updates!

Melissa’s Top Tips to Be a Better Speaker

Presentation Checklist

Resource List

For more communications tips and resources check out my “How To” Series for Dietitians!

If you have any communications questions or tips to share please comment below!


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