PROLOGUE: When I created my Guilt-Free RD® name and tagline, and started sharing my philosophy, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from other RDs and I knew I’d struck a cord with like-minded dietitians. That sparked an idea for a new way to interview, share and promote dietitians, their brands and their services. My traditional dietitian interviews are longer and more focused on sharing communications tips and tricks as well as the interviewee’s career journey. In contrast, these interviews will be shorter and more focused on the RD’s food philosophy. I hope you enjoy them and will contact me to share YOUR food philosophy!

Jamila Rene MS, RDN

MELISSA: Jamila, what is your food philosophy and why?

JAMILA: As the name (No Nonsense Nutritionist) implies, I have a “no nonsense” approach to food and nutrition. I don’t believe in “good” foods and “bad” foods. I think there are foods that are more nutritious and some that are less so, but I don’t believe in depriving yourself. People can have poor dietary patterns but a single food choice is just that—a choice.  One “junk food” meal won’t make you unhealthy just as much as one nutritious meal won’t make you healthy. Food is about so much more than nutrition. It’s about culture and pleasure and in many cases sharing and bringing people together. C’est la vie!

MELISSA: Tell us a little more about you and your brand.

JAMILA: I have a background in nutrition and food science. I originally wanted to be in product development to create nutritious food products. But I quickly realized that I prefer working with people instead of in a lab! So I created No Nonsense Nutritionist, LLC. Now I use that knowledge and experience to teach and empower people to create and maintain valuable habits for a life of health and happiness.

MELISSA: What are your services?

Recipe & Menu Development/Analysis
Cooking Demonstrations (one-one and group)
Grocery Store Tours / Pantry Raids
Writing (media)

MELISSA: Where can we find you and follow you online?

















MELISSA: Do you have any resources and/or advice for other RDs to build their brand, boost their communication skills, start their own biz, etc.

JAMILA: Don’t be afraid to step out of the dietetics & nutrition box. You need to foster skills outside of your expertise. Do so by the approach that works best for you… Like reading? Get some good books: The 4-Hour Workweek, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Prefer listening? Find a podcast that works for you: Entrepreneur on Fire, Smart Passive Income, UnStuckable. More of a visual person? Watch videos with valuable content:, TED Talks. Work better with structure? Find online courses:,

EPILOGUE: Thank you to Jamila for sharing her food philosophy, brand and services with us! I hope you have been inspired!

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  1. Abigail on January 15, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    LOVE this!! Jamila is great and we have been friends since our first nutrition class in undergrad at University of Florida! It’s sooo wonderful to see her doing her thang!! Thank you Melissa for your amazing support, skills and passion for promoting RDN’s!! Hope to see you soon!! ~Abigail

    • admin on January 15, 2015 at 3:39 pm

      Thank you, Abigail JOY! 🙂 So cool that you have been friends since then! Yes, I hope to see you before the next FNCE!

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