Podcast Episode 001: The Power of Protein – Interview with Doug Paddon-Jones

Apr 3, 2015

Today’s topic is PROTEIN in our diets and it’s relationship to muscles, metabolism, aging and more.


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Dr. Doug Paddon-Jones

I’m fascinated by the emerging research on this topic for many reasons. First, we’re always hearing about the other macronutrients: carbohydrates/grains and fat (especially saturated fat) – it seems like we hardly ever hear about protein or give it much thought. However, what we DO tend to hear about protein is kind of dismissive: i.e. American’s get enough protein so why talk about it?! But I’ve seen some compelling research and I want to know: Are we REALLY getting enough protein? Are we paying enough attention to protein in our diets? Do we need a reality check when it comes to some of the assumptions we hear and perpetuate in the media?

Today my guest is Dr. Doug Paddon-Jones, Professor of Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX.  He currently serves as Director of the Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory in the School of Health Professions.  Research in his lab focuses on the regulation of muscle mass and function in healthy and clinical populations.  Recent studies have examined topics including exercise, nutrition, the sarcopenia of aging and the physiology of physical inactivity.

Here are the resources we discussed on today’s show:

  1.  Timing is Everything Webinar with Doug Paddon-Jones and Melissa Joy Dobbins
  2. Chart with grams of protein
  3. Protein Challenge Resources from the Beef Council


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