Podcast Episode 004: Finding the Truth in the Rubble of Failed Theories of Heart Disease

Apr 15, 2015

Today’s guest is Dr. Jim Painter and we’re talking about the latest hype and confusion about fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.


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jim-topDr. Jim Painter is a PhD and registered dietitian at Eastern Illinois University. He has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and presentations (all around the world) and currently focuses his studies on mindless eating and stealthy calorie intake control.

In this episode we discuss why reducing total fat is almost always harmful, why reducing dietary cholesterol is irrelevant, and why reducing saturated fat can be harmful if it is replaced with refined carbohydrates.

To connect with Dr. Painter, visit his website and follow him on twitter @DrJimPainter. And be sure to check out his Portion Size Me documentary – it’s a real life response to the movie Supersize Me!
Here’s a fun interview with Dr. Painter on the CBS Early Show talking about portion distortion.

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