Podcast Episode 006: Risk Bites – Interview with Andrew Maynard

Apr 29, 2015

Today’s topic is Risk Perception – how and why we think about health risks and make decisions and choices about health-related behaviors.


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Andrew Maynard, PhD

Today my guest is Andrew Maynard, creator of the creatively fun and informational Risk Bites YouTube Channel and Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the University of Michigan School of Public Health where he directs the University of Michigan Risk Science Center.

In this episode we discuss how and why people make decisions and choices about health-related behaviors.

Here are the resources we discussed on today’s show:

  1. Risk Bites YouTube Videos
  2. Risk Bites website
  3. 2020 Science website
  4. About Andrew Maynard
  5. Follow Andrew on Twitter

Measles video

Chocolate and Lead video

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