Podcast Episode 010: Protein Challenge – Interview #3 with Protein Partner Heather Shugarman – Wrapping Up & What’s Next?

Jun 9, 2015

Today’s guest is my Protein Partner, Heather Shugarman and we are wrapping up the 30 Day Protein Challenge and thinking about what the next 30 days might look like for each of us, and for you!


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Heather Shugarman

Heather Shugarman

Heather Shugarman is the blogger behind ThenHeatherSaid.com, where she shares a genuine look into her journey to ‘make one healthy decision, then make another’ – along the way she has lost over 60 pounds while discovering a love for mid-distance running and urging others to make their own healthy decisions, one at a time.

Heather is also the director of HealthyLivingBlogs.com, a community driven website of over 2,500 members who are bloggers themselves, tackling a wide range of topics under the healthy living umbrella.  HLB celebrates the fact that a healthy life can mean different things to different people and believes in the power of collaboration between bloggers and fellow internet-aholics.

Heather Shugarman pic 2Heather and I are both are on the Beef Expert Bureau (as paid consultants) and are excited about participating in and promoting the 30 Day Protein Challenge. This podcast is not directly sponsored, but our protein partner activities fall under our Beef Expert Bureau roles.
When we first met in person, we did some brainstorming about fun ways for us to engage in this challenge and share it with our audiences and that’s when we came up with the idea to be “protein partners”. I was training for my first triathlon and Heather was training for a half marathon. We connected immediately and our personalities clicked! Hint: we are both uber-positive people and like to support others and champion good causes.

In this podcast episode we share what we’ve learned so far on the protein challenge with a focus on recapping what we’ve learned over the past 30 days and what we plan to do over the next 30 days!

Here are the resources we share in this episode:

  1. We mention several resources from episodes 1 & 2 (005 & 007) including my Sound Bites podcast interview with protein researcher Doug Paddon-Jones.
  2. A previous post Heather wrote about her “Make One Healthy Decision” plan and Hashtagging on Instagram >> #make1healthydecision
  3. Two options for flavorless whey: Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored and BioChem Whey Protein and more info on whey protein from the National Dairy Council
  4. Two options for simple marinades: How to Make Any Marinade in 5 Steps and Marinade 101
  5. Cotter Crunch “healthy bites” (including protein bites) by Lindsay, the gluten-free housewife
  6. Protein Challenge Tools for Success from the Beef Council
  7. You can sign up for the 30 Day Protein Challenge any time and begin your journey whenever you’re ready! Sign up HERE!

We didn’t discuss these on the show, but Heather and I wanted to share these with you, anyway! Click on the images for the recipes! Heather and I also want to send you off on your way with a message of inspiration and wishes for continued success in your next 30 days – no matter what your goals are!

You can follow our posts on social media by following #proteinchallenge and #proteinpartners.

Easy, Flavorful Beef Fajitas

Oven Slow-Roasted Rosemary Thyme Rubbed Sirloin Tip Roast with Freggie Medley

Burger on a Salad Four Ways

Four Seasons Beef and Brussels Sprout Salad


From Heather: “Setting visual reminders of health goals helps to keep me on track!”

From Melissa: “Do activities that bring you results AND joy! For me, that is weight lifting and dancing!”



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