Podcast Episode 016: Food, Farming, Flavor & Fun: Interview with Amy Myrdal Miller

Aug 19, 2015

Today’s episode focuses on the enjoyment of food, increasing culinary confidence, and the often misunderstood business of farming.


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Amy Myrdal Miller MS, RDN

Today my guest is Amy Myrdal Miller.  Amy is the founder and president of Farmer’s Daughter Consulting. Amy is a registered dietitian nutritionist and farmer’s daughter from North Dakota who focuses her work on food, farming, flavor and fun.

Here are the resources we mentioned on the show:

Amy in a California wheat field

  1. Amy’s website and blog: Farmer’s Daughter Consulting
  2. Amy’s blog post on grass/grain finished beef
  3. Amy on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Cooperative Extension
  5. Ag in the Classroom

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