Podcast Episode 021: Portion Perfection – Interview with Amanda Clark

Oct 28, 2015

Today’s episode focuses on HOW you can still enjoy the foods you love by choosing the right portion sizes, and shares a new tool to help you do just that.

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Amanda Clark AdvAPD

Amanda Clark AdvAPD

Amanda Clark is an award winning Australian Dietitian with over 25 years experience. Her mantra is to deliver clear, concise and realistic advice about food and nutrition. She is the author and creator of Portion Perfection which helps people visualize how much to eat for weight control.

  1. Amanda’s website and info on Portion Perfection where you can download a FREE 7-day MENU!
  2. Sound Bites podcast interview with Brian Wansink and his quote: “It’s easier to change your eating environment than to change your mind.”
  3. Sound Bites podcast interviews on protein:
    The Power of Protein – Interview with Researcher Doug Paddon-Jones
    Protein Challenge Interviews with Protein Partner Heather Shugarman:
    Interview #1 – Getting Started & Breakfast
    Interview #2 – Snacking & Travel
    Interview #3 – Wrapping Up & What’s Next?
  4. Amanda’s Portion Perfection on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  5. Amanda’s podcast recommendation: Dr. Susan Mitchell’s Breaking Down Nutrition for health professionals and Food Fit Fabulous for the general public.
  6. My blog interview with Amanda

Disclosure: This podcast was not sponsored, but I did receive a Portion Perfection Kit for review prior to the interview. I love it!


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