Podcast Episode 025: Both Sides of the Plate – Kirsten & Blake Angell

Dec 22, 2015

Today’s episode is about a husband and wife – a cattle rancher and a dietitian – and how their work in the field of nutrition addresses “both sides of the plate”.


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2011-Family-Photo-Kirsten-and-Blake-and-Sadie-cropped-1024x916Today my guests are Kirsten and Blake Angell. Kirsten is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, and the owner of Link 4 Nutrition/Link for Diabetes, a nutrition and wellness company that provides healthy lifestyle-change tools to help people achieve wellness through positive nutrition, physical activity, and behaviors/habits.  The primary area of focus for Kirsten’s business is providing diabetes education and management tools to help empower people with diabetes to modify lifestyles and adopt healthy self-care behaviors resulting in better health and quality of life.  Blake received a B.S. in Agriculture Business from Colorado State University and has spent his career working with cattle producers across the country to provide marketing alternatives designed to meet the demands of today’s beef consumer.  Today, in addition to being a partner in Lundgren Angus Ranch, Kirsten’s family owned registered Angus operation located in western Kansas, Blake also buys cattle for the Meyer Natural Angus beef label.

Blake and Kirsten before the riverboat tour

Blake and Kirsten before the riverboat tour

Melissa, Mark, Blake and Kirsten enjoying the riverboat tour

Melissa, Mark, Blake and Kirsten enjoying the riverboat tour

At Melissa's Social Media Workshop (presented with Hope Warshaw at AADE in New Orleans)

At Melissa’s Social Media Workshop (presented with Hope Warshaw at AADE in New Orleans)

Here are the resources we mentioned on the show:

  1. Kirsten’s website: Link 4 Nutrition/Link 4 Diabetes
  2.  Lundgren Angus Ranch website
  3. Melissa’s diabetes article: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You
  4. Sound Bites podcast interview with Dr. Hill


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