Podcast Episode 026: The Vitamin Solution: Dr. Arielle Levitan & Dr. Romy Block

Jan 5, 2016

Today’s episode is all about vitamins – the confusion about getting them from food vs. supplements, what to take and how much.


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Arielle Levitan, MD, and Romy Block, MD

Arielle Levitan, MD, and Romy Block, MD

Today my guests are Dr. Romy Block is an endocrinologist and Arielle Levitan is a doctor of internal medicine. Both are practicing physicians, wives and busy moms, founders of Vous Vitamin (a line of personalized vitamins and situational supplements), and co-authors of The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health.

On this episode:
Vitamins are a confusing topic and vitamin deficiencies can have a significant impact on our health and how we feel. In the book, The Vitamin Solution, doctors Levitan and Block cut through conflicting data about vitamins and minerals and provide a concise, medically-sound approach to supplement use.  They explain which supplements can be helpful, which can be harmful, and which are altogether unnecessary. They explore health conditions and symptoms, including diabetes, hair loss, fatigue, hot flashes, and more; and address preventive care, providing perspective on topics such as screening tests.


vitamin-solution-book-cover-2Here are the resources we mentioned on the show:

  1. The Vitamin Solution book
  2. Vous Vitamin website and blog
  3. Take your personalized survey here
  4. Vous Vitamins on facebooktwitter and pinterest
  5. See Romy and Arielle on TV in Chicago

This podcast was not sponsored, however I did receive a complimentary book to review.

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