Podcast Episode 035: Arsenic & Rice – Dr. Claire Chehrazi

May 3, 2016

Today’s episode is about arsenic, rice, and food safety – everything you need to know from a pediatrician and a mom.

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What you need to know about #arsenic in rice from a pediatrician and mom. Click to Tweet
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Dr. Claire Chehrazi

Arsenic in rice sounds about as scary as it gets when it comes to something in your food that you’re not too keen on eating. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released their risk assessment on arsenic levels in rice products, so I talked to Dr. Claire Chehrazi, pediatrician, to find out more about what this means for our food and our families.

Dr. Claire Chehrazi is a pediatrician and an allergist/immunologist. She is also mother to a 6 ½ year old. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, her medical degree (MD) from Georgetown University, completed her Pediatrics Residency (and was also Chief Resident) at Virginia Commonwealth University and conducted her Allergy/Immunology Fellowship at the University of North Carolina. She has worked in numerous research settings, both academic, and pharmaceutical.

Here are the resources we mentioned on the show:

  1. Food Insight Q&A with Dr. Claire Chehrazi
  2. FDA Consumer Update: Seven Things Pregnant Women and Parents Need to Know About Arsenic in Rice and Rice Cereal
  3. American Academy of Pediatrics Offers Advice for Parents Concerned About Arsenic in Food
  4. FACTS Followers: Rice Advice – When It Comes to Consumer Reports, Think Twice


Note: Claire is a consultant to IFIC and I have been a consultant to IFIC in the past



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  1. […] to parent and pediatrician Dr. Claire Chehrazi, “the amount of arsenic in rice is equivalent to one teaspoon of arsenic in the size of an […]

  2. […] to parent and pediatrician Dr. Claire Chehrazi, “the amount of arsenic in rice is equivalent to one teaspoon of arsenic in the size of an […]

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