Podcast Episode 037: A Fair & Balanced Take on GMOs – Greg Jaffe

May 31, 2016

Today’s episode is about genetically engineered crops – their prevalence, safety, and regulation. What foods contain GMOs? Are they safe? Should they be labeled?

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Greg Jaffe, Biotechnology Project Director at CSPI

Greg Jaffe, Biotechnology Project Director at CSPI

Gregory Jaffe is the Biotechnology Project Director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  CSPI is a non-profit consumer organization that concentrates on food and nutrition issues.  They publish Nutrition Action Healthletter, which helps consumers understand the relationship between food, nutrition, and healthy eating.  Greg has been at CSPI for almost 15 years.  He has an undergraduate degree in biology and a law degree.  He has been following issues around biotechnology on and off for more than thirty years.

In this episode, Greg answers common questions about GMOs with the most fair and balanced approach I’ve ever heard. With a background in biotech and law, he understands the complex nature of the topic and shares important insights and resources.

Note: Last week (after this interview was recorded), the National Academy of Sciences released a long-anticipated report about the safety of GMOs. Here is the CSPI press statement about the NAS report.

Here are the resources we mentioned on the show: 

  1. CSPI’s Straight Talk Brochure
  2. Greg’s slides: Busting Some Myths Surrounding Genetically Engineered Foods
  3. CSPI on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  4. This resource is not from CSPI, it’s from the International Food Information Council and it is geared toward health professionals. Food Biotechnology – A Communicator’s Guide to Improving Understanding.



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