Podcast Episode 052: Do M.O.R.E. with Dinner 4 – Melissa and Sarah

Nov 16, 2016

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In this episode, Sarah and I discuss the many ways we’ve done “MORE” with dinner since our last episode in June! We also reflect on the past year and how we want to #domorewithdinner in 2017.

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Do More With Dinner initiative of Sarah-Jane Bedwell


Sarah and I have continued doing “MORE” with dinner over the past several months and we finally sit down to review everything and share our successes (and failures) with you. As always, life can get in the way of dinnertime plans, but we are happy to report that we are still doing our weekly meal planning, have tried a few new recipes, had some fun in the kitchen, and even more fun around the dinner table. We hope you enjoy hearing about our learnings and will share back with us how YOU are doing “MORE” with dinner!

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Here are the resources we mentioned on the show (scroll down to see all the images, too): 

  1. Do M.O.R.E. with Dinner Initiative and blogs/podcasts and Pinterest board
  2. One-Pot Fiesta Chicken recipe and blog post
  3. Barilla Pasta Builder PDF
  4. 30 Day Food Waste Challenge
  5. Family Storytime Question Cards from Cooksmarts.com
  6. Deanna’s Healthy Kitchen Hacks guest blog post and podcast interview including the easy homemade pizza crust recipe
  7. We got our kitchen organization tips from Jill Weisenberger’s book The Overworked Person’s Guide to Better Nutrition

Frozen hambone rescued for Ham and Split Pea Soup




Used up leftover ingredients, frozen ground meat and homemade taco seasoning for quick and tasty tacos that helped decrease food waste.


Michael Pullin’s Butternut Squash Soup

butternut-squash-soup-1 butternut-squash-soup-8 butternut-squash-soup-7 butternut-squash-soup-6 butternut-squash-soup-5 butternut-squash-soup-4 butternut-squash-soup-3 butternut-squash-soup-2

Foil Chicken and Broccoli

foil-chicken-and-broccoli-1 foil-chicken-and-broccoli-2

Farmer’s market donation pickup for our food pantry

farmers-market-pickup-1 farmers-market-pickup-2

Orange cauliflower from the farmer’s market

Orange cauliflower from the farmer’s market

Shopped our pantry to make a simple meal with leftover meat from the freezer

shopped-our-pantry-for-an-easy-dinner pantry-items-and-leftover-meat

Recipe binder before and after





Kitchen drawers before and after














Sarah's loot for college

Sarah’s loot for college

Melissa and her family after receiving the Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Melissa and her family after receiving the Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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