Podcast Episode 056: Eating Beyond the Headlines – Neva Cochran

Jan 10, 2017

“Don’t base your food and nutrition decisions on scary headlines and rush to eliminate entire food groups from your meals. Instead, check the facts with reliable sources and a registered dietitian nutritionist.” – Neva Cochran

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Neva Cochran, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Neva Cochran is a nutrition communications consultant in Dallas. She works with a variety of food and beverage industry clients to promote science-based food and nutrition information, translating it into consumer-friendly messages people can use to enjoy eating a nutrient-rich diet.

Her expertise lies in looking beyond the sensationalized food and nutrition headlines trumpeted in the media to discover the real facts and the true story.  She wants people to know that good nutrition is not about avoiding certain foods or categorizing foods and ingredients as “good” and “bad” but about eating a variety of foods in moderation, balancing choices and burning calories through more physical activity so you can enjoy the foods you love.

Neva and her husband Don

Neva accepting the TAND Preceptor Award 2016









Angela Lemond, Neva and Melissa at the Almond Board Harvest Tour in 2013
















Here are the resources we mentioned on the show: 

  1. Neva’s website
  2. Neva on Twitter and LinkedIn
  3. Neva’s Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President-Elect campaign website and campaign facebook page and campaign YouTube page
  4. Neva’s commencement speech at Texas Woman’s University College of Health Sciences
  5. Neva’s article in “Nutrition Close-Up”: Unintended Consequences of Eating By the Headlines
  6. Webinar: Understanding the Science of Diet and Cancer Risk
  7. Neva’s blog post Food Addiction: What Does the Science Say?
  8. Neva’s article in “Nutrition Close-Up”: Can We Become Addicted to Some Types of Foods?
  9. MyPlate website and resources
  10. Find a Dietitian on eatright.org
  11. Melissa’s Sound Science Toolkit
  12. Melissa’s blog post “Nutrition in the News: Science Fact or Science Fiction?”
  13. Sound Bites podcast interview “What Are High School Health Teachers Telling Our Kids?” with Melissa’s daughter and her health teacher, Andrew Milne
  14. International Food Information Council website
  15. Farmland, a film by James Moll

Neva’s Campaign Statement:

Passionate about the dietetics profession and our role as Academy members in improving people’s lives through science-based food and nutrition

With the Academy’s first 100 years approaching, what do you see as opportunities for the future of the food and nutrition profession?

We face the next century much as our founders did 100 years ago, with unlimited opportunities on the horizon and renewed commitment in our hearts. Advances in our core areas of clinical dietetics, foodservice and public health, coupled with new frontiers in agriculture, sustainability and food production position us to reinvent traditional practice as we collaborate with like-minded academic, health, scientific and industry groups to shape the global course of food and nutrition.


ï      Ensure that the Academy and its members are a recognized source for credible, science-based food and nutrition information and expertise

ï      Work across the food system to increase opportunities for members as well as the visibility of the organization as a key player in issues related to food, nutrition and hunger both in US and around the world

ï      Increase dietetic student, intern and young member mentoring and involvement in the Academy

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