Podcast Episode 109: What Truly Matters: A Closer Look at 10 Health Behaviors – Dr. Vineet Nair

Jan 30, 2019

Life can be confusing and hectic; becoming healthier doesn’t need to be.

With all the conflicting information about which foods to eat, which exercise regime is best, and how much sleep to get, becoming “healthy” can feel like an overwhelming chore or even an impossible feat. But it is possible to become healthier—all it takes is a closer look at what really matters and focusing your time and energy where it will benefit you the most.

Dr. Nair’s book, Healthier You, breaks down a healthy lifestyle into proven, specific actions that make an actual difference, so you can ignore all of the expensive, time-consuming, inconvenient, and sometime dangerous practices and products that don’t.

“We all have limited time, money, and energy to put towards our health. We should use those resources on the fundamentals of health that make the biggest difference and that will have the greatest impact on our health.”
– Dr. Vineet Nair

The 10 Fundamentals of Better Living

Healthier You: A Family Doctor's Guide to the Fundamentals of Better Living, by Dr. Vineet NairHealthier You is organized into 10 essential factors that can help guide our time and energy as we try to live a healthy life. The first two chapters, “Think” and “Change”, provide a foundation and a framework from which to approach the subsequent chapters and topics (Eat, Move, Sleep, Quit, Enjoy, Vaccinate, Screen, Supplement?). While the fundamentals may seem basic, Dr. Nair takes a deep dive into each chapter in a thoughtful and meaningful manner.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Vineet Nair, Physician and author of Healthier You: A Family Doctor's Guide to the Fundamentals of Better LivingDr. Vineet Nair is a family physician, owner of The Core Family Health Centre, and author of Healthier You: A Family Doctor’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Better Living. He has been passionate about primary care since beginning practice in 2003 and he has always been interested in the big picture outlook on health and healthy lifestyles. In addition, Dr. Nair has been involved in primary care reform through trying to find ways to improve the care that family doctors provide to patients, through the promotion of Advanced-Access scheduling, electronic medical record usage, and now a focus on the fundamentals of healthy living. Dr. Nair is also an adjunct professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. He lives in London, Ontario with his wife and their two sons.

Dr. Nair and his family hiking in Italy

Dr. Nair and his family hiking in Italy

“The goal is not just to live longer, but to live better for longer.”
– Dr. Vineet Nair


Healthier You book info
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Healthier You: A Family Doctor's Guide to the Fundamentals of Better Living, by Dr. Vineet Nair: Downloadable Poster

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