Podcast Episode 125: Prediabetes: Risks, Reversal & Lifestyle Reset– Jill Weisenberger

Aug 7, 2019

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Prediabetes: A Complete Guide – Your Lifestyle Reset to Stop Prediabetes and Other Chronic Illnesses

The latest numbers from the CDC suggest that nearly 1 in 3 adults have either prediabetes or diabetes. These are alarming numbers, and finding out that you are the one out of three can be even more alarming. Shock, denial, and confusion are not uncommon reactions. But there is a flipside to learning you have prediabetes. It can be scary, but it’s also an opportunity—an opportunity to “reset,” to improve your health, and to get yourself in better shape than ever.

Prediabetes is often reversible. Even if it’s not, healthful habits can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Strict diets aren’t needed. In fact, I strongly discourage them.”

prediabetes-FNL jill weisenberger book coverPrediabetes: A Complete Guide will lead you through dozens of concrete steps you can take to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Taking an individualized approach to your lifestyle reset, this comprehensive guide will allow you to choose your own path to wellness and help you gain a greater sense of wellbeing, boost confidence in your abilities to maintain a healthful lifestyle, and potentially even help you reverse prediabetes, avoid type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and have you feeling better than you have in years!

You will learn to:

  • Identify your risks for developing type 2 diabetes
  • Set personalized and meaningful behavioral goals
  • Identify and build on your motivation for a lifestyle reset
  • Create positive new habits
  • Change eating habits for weight loss and greater insulin sensitivity
  • Choose wholesome foods in the supermarket and when away from home
  • Tweak your favorite recipes
  • Reduce sedentary time
  • Start or improve upon an exercise plan
  • Reduce emotional eating
  • Organize and track your progress with tools included in the book
  • Much more

Prediabetes is not just a blood sugar problem. Insulin resistance is associated with a host of problems beyond blood sugar levels. Thus, we have to pay attention to much more than carbs and blood sugar.”

 Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, CHWC, FAND

Jill WeisenbergerJill Weisenberger is an internationally recognized nutrition and diabetes expert. She is the author of four books including the best-selling Diabetes Weight Loss – Week by Week and the new Prediabetes: A Complete Guide, and she is a panelist for the US News & World Report Best Diet Rankings.

Whether she’s speaking, writing, chatting on social media, appearing on TV or working with individuals, her candid and energetic approach appeals to busy people, and her sound nutrition and fitness advice gets results. In fact, her appreciation for science and ability to translate science into actionable information earned her a place as one of 10 Dietitians You Need to Follow on Social Media in US News & World Report.

Jill offers healthy and delicious recipe ideas and nutrition strategies that are based in sound nutrition science. Whether you’re looking for disease prevention or management, nutritious meals that people actually want to eat, or truths (and myths!) about the latest food trends, get reasonable and realistic tips from Jill Weisenberger.

You can improve your health and your life one habit at a time.”

Adventures with Jill and Melissa:



Jill fishing in Norway

Jill fishing in Norway

Jill and Melissa Fishing in Norway

Jill and Melissa fishing in Norway

Jill and Melissa biking in Oslo, Norway

Jill Weisenberger and Melissa Dobbins in Lisbon

Jill and Melissa biking in Lisbon, Portugal

Jill Weisenberger and Melissa Dobbins in Machu Picchu

Melissa and Jill in Machu Picchu


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