Podcast Episode 128: The Science of Strength – Dr. Mike Roussell

Sep 18, 2019

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This episode is a collaboration with Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff, as part of my role as a compensated member of the Beef Expert Bureau, a program of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. As always, opinions are my own. Mike Roussell wrote “Strength: The Field Manual “ in conjunction with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff.

This is a 2-part series on Strength – the principles of strength, fueling strength, and strength in action – ultimately: the strength to be your best self.

I interviewed 3 guests:

  • Mike Roussell, a research scientist, protein expert and author of Strength: The Field Manual
  • Amee Livingston, an Olympic weight lifter, food blogger and breast cancer survivor
  • Lance Pekus, the Cowboy Ninja – a regular competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a cattle rancher with a degree in natural resources/environmental science.

In these two episodes, we discuss what strength means to each guest. We talk about physical strength but also mental and emotional strength. We discuss the “Four Cornerstones” of eating to support strength, some practical tips for tweaking your meals and snacks as well as simple cooking ideas and meal prepping advice – and we also talk about life on a cattle ranch and how both the land and the animals are cared for.

Strength: The Field Manual – Nutrition that gives you strength to be your best self

Your body and health are the result of your long-term eating habits, not what you did the first week of January or the 4 weeks leading up to your vacation.”

Strength - The Field Manual - Dr. Mike Roussell

Dr. Mike’s book is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Principles of strength

  • Understanding Strength
  • Nutrients Central to the Pursuit of Strength

Part 2: Fueling strength

  • The Four Cornerstones of Eating to Support Strength

Part 3: Strength in action

  • Meal Prep Strategies
  • 2-Day Meal Plan
  • Lifestyle Habits That Build Strength
  • Embodying Strength for Life

Anchor your plate with protein, pair your protein with plants, and focus on fiber-rich carbs”

Mike Roussell, PhD

Dr. Mike RoussellDr. Mike Roussell is a nutrition consultant, author of several nutrition books with his latest being Strength: The Field Manual. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Mike’s broad range of experience from consulting with pharmaceutical and food companies, medical schools, top rated fitness facilities, professional athletes, and individual clients, gives him the unique ability to translate scientific findings into relevant, understandable, and actionable strategies that get results. As a scientist, his research has been published multiple times in the premiere clinical nutrition journal in the world, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

He also serves on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health and SHAPE magazines as well as LIVESTRONG.com and has been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness.


Dr. Mike: Website | Podcast | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Strength: The Field Manual – online book and order form for FREE hardcopy

The BOLD Study – Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet study: effects on lipids, lipoproteins, and apolipoproteins – published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner: Website | Recipes | Cooking |Cuts | Nutrition | Raising Beef

Book: Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery

Good to Go - Dr. Mike Roussell

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