Here’s what listeners like best about the


The variety of experts to keep me current in my nutrition knowledge, make me think, and inspire new ideas, recipes and methods about how I approach nutrition.

It’s honest and informative. Always learn something!

I like hearing your balanced perspective from both personal and professional experiences.

Great guest experts are brought on to share their expertise. Melissa does a great job interviewing them. And I love how she ties every guest back to her Do MORE with dinner initiative.

You do a really good job of speaking with the guests in a very conversational way, it makes listening to the podcast easy and enjoyable.

Topics I don’t see addressed elsewhere, nationally recognized experts in the field. I have made some of the podcasts required listening for my interns.

Yours is the BEST podcast put together by a dietitian! You have excellent guests and you and they demonstrate a solid science background. This podcast helps me stay informed on topics out of my specialty area (renal). I am always delighted to be introduced to resources I never knew about.

Ashley Cordova lives and works in Denver, has a degree in human nutrition and dietetics and is currently working as a research coordinator for the Anshutz Medical Campus. She loves Crossfit and says that her knowledge of nutrition for sports performance and health has been a strong foundation in her training and that listening to the Sound Bites podcast adds to that foundation!

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