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My listeners crave sound nutrition information.

So that is what I’m serving up on the podcast.

My Sound Bites® Podcast engages researchers, academics, authors, dietitians and more to delve into the science, psychology and strategies behind good food and nutrition. Topics vary from fad diets to farming to fertility and beyond. Listeners gain credible information to help them make their own, well-informed nutrition decisions based on facts, not fear.

Celebrated by Peers and Listeners

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It’s honest and informative. Always learn something!

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The variety of experts to keep me current in my nutrition knowledge, make me think, and inspire new ideas, recipes and methods about how I approach nutrition.

Who is my audience?

I speak to a diverse audience of consumers ranging from the average Joe to the health-conscious to those with medical conditions requiring special diets. In addition, I am proud to be recognized as a valued expert among my peers, educating other health professional influencers who in turn reach their own varied audiences.

Acknowledged by:

Diabetes forecast magazine

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"One of 8 podcasts worth listening to"

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named Sound Bites® Podcast

"New & Noteworthy" when it launched in 2015

today's dietitian

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"One of the best RD-run podcasts"

Cosmopolitan magazine

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"One of 11 health and fitness podcasts for all the motivation you need"


named Sound Bites® Podcast

"Best dietitian podcast"

Foods and thoughts (rebecca)

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"One of the best food and nutrition podcasts"

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"One of 22 podcasts catalyzing the food movement"

us news & world report

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"One of 10 nutrition podcasts to add to your playlist"

Apartment therapy

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"One of the best podcasts about eating"

Join the conversation changing the way people think about food

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I curate topics and guests that offer a distinctive opportunity to explore the science, psychology and strategies behind good food and nutrition. The show provides a platform for my guests to share their unique knowledge and expertise, and to enlighten my audience with evidence-based information, consumer insights and meaningful solutions for enjoying food with health in mind.

I only work with credible, credentialed guests and cover topics rooted in sound science. I only work with sponsors who align with my brand and values. Benefits of sponsorship include perks such as detailed analytics, priority timing of release, guest suggestion/approval, and more. Please contact me to discuss your ideas and specific needs.

My Philosophy

I am the Guilt-Free RD® – “Because food shouldn’t make you feel bad!” People are hungrier than ever for practical solutions that empower them to make healthier choices, while still allowing them to enjoy their food. No one wants to feel guilty, especially when it comes to what they’re eating! Whether to buy organic or conventional, what to make for dinner, which snack to grab or if dessert is okay…I help people separate science fiction from science fact and come away with meaningful steps toward better nutrition and health.

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