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Podcast Episode 100: Communicating Science in a Modern Media Environment – Dietram Scheufele

“Even if we’re highly informed and agree on the same information – that information means different things to each of us and we prioritize it differently. We [health educators] should get in touch with our inner ‘non-expert’ because we are all ‘non-experts’ in most areas and I think that’s how we could be better communicators…

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Podcast Episode 099: The Supermarket ‘Shopportunity’ for Dietitians and Consumers – Shari Steinbach

“I’ve spent my career helping people build a healthier shopping cart so they could eat meals at home that are easy, affordable and more nutritious – in that order! Meal planning and cooking do not have to be difficult if you know what to purchase at the supermarket. With over 40,000+ food products in most…

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Podcast Episode 098: Digging Into Soil Health, Weed Control & Glyphosate – Jennie Schmidt

“Farmers have two options for weed control: herbicides or tillage. It’s a trade-off – one is not better than the other. In our region, (the Chesapeake Bay – a very sensitive watershed) tillage can be more damaging than herbicides because of soil erosion. As an herbicide applicator, I have many options for herbicides – some…

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