Yvette Quantz: Supporting Role and Creative Soul

Jul 29, 2014

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PROLOGUE: I met Yvette through networking at FNCE and through the fabulous NE DPG. I always admired her business expertise, her unique niche, and especially her desire to share information and support other RDs. If you aren’t already familiar with Yvette, let me introduce you!

MELISSA: Yvette, how did you become interested in a career in nutrition?

YVETTE: I always had this passion for health and wellness – and while studying Kinesiology at LSU, I was particularly interested in the nutrition component.  I had an especially strong interest in childhood nutrition and sports nutrition at the time.  I really believed that if you could set the foundation for confidence and a healthy body at a young age then you build the foundation for the rest of a person’s life.  As I progressed in my dietetic course work I also become extremely interested in the marketing component of it all and how essential proper marketing was for the success of a program and business.

MELISSA: Tell me about your nutrition philosophy – what are you known for?

YVETTE: I believe that if people feed themselves with the right fuel, thoughts and movement, then they can achieve anything.  My true passion lies in helping people feel confident and healthy so that they can live their life and share their gifts with the world around them.  It’s not about being “skinny” but being fit and healthy – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I believe a healthy life is more than just “clean eating” but rather a life filled with family, friends, career, hobbies – all things that make someone want to get out into the world and live!  But in order for someone to be able to share their gifts and talents with the world, one must feel confident with themselves and the perfect way they were made.  They must also be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.  One must “feed themselves” with food and words that empower them to live life to the fullest.

MELISSA: What a wonderful philosophy! Tell us about your job history and ultimately what inspired you to start your biz.

YVETTE: My first job was at a fitness center in Mandeville, Louisiana.  I was hired to be the Sports and Lifestyle Nutritionist.  I was 23 years old.  There was no program in place or job description to follow.  In order to keep my job I had to be creative about ways to build a business and develop programs that generated revenue.  I had the opportunity to work with NFL Combine Candidates as well as high school athletes, weekend warriors, and endurance athletes.  It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot about growing a nutrition practice in a fitness center, both with what worked and what did not work!

Two years later I moved to Dallas.  I knew I wanted to stay working in the same environment of fitness and sports nutrition.  I landed a job at Telos Fitness Center, a fitness center that focused on functional movement and training.  The opportunity was great.  It was initially only a commission based position, but after 6 months of working hard and being consistent with nurturing relationships and staying focused on my vision of creating a thriving nutrition practice, it started to come alive! During this time, I learned about the importance of marketing, branding, creating relationships, and ultimately building a practice where you believe in your work, are providing a service that helps others and making a living!

I observed the other professionals working in the fitness center (trainers, massage therapist, chiropractors) and noted that a key to their success and “booked schedule” was the client relationships they nurtured.  They saw clients on a frequent basis and this fostered a relationship of trust and loyalty.  But how as a dietitian when they do not see us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis are we to do this?   This is when I started implementing some “creative nutrition marketing” strategies.  A newsletter, personal emails, notes in the mail, and inspiring tips.


I noticed that when I did have the time to create and send a nutrition newsletter to my clients, I ALWAYS got a response – be it a new client, new referral, or more often than not an old client requesting another appointment.  However, I was too busy running my practice to be consistent with sending out a monthly newsletter.

In 2008 we moved from Dallas to Lafayette, Louisiana to be closer to family and raise our family.  During this time I decided to follow a vision I had for creating my own private practice, Food Therapy,

Food Therapy Online

as well as starting a service for other dietitians, Customized Nutrition Newsletters.

Customized Nutrition Newsletter

I knew this was a perfect opportunity to start this venture because once again I was “starting from scratch” in building my practice and this time I could provide a service to other professionals that would help enhance their practice and streamline their marketing efforts.

In 2010 I officially launched Customized Nutrition Newsletters  (I spent 2 years researching and learning about e-newsletters and how to bring this vision to other professionals).  We have a comprehensive database of nutrition related articles as well as recipes that can be “customized” to fit the business brand and into the business unique newsletter template.  Each month we create a new “newsletter of the month” with a featured topic. We now release 2 newsletters every month, a nutrition newsletter and an inspired living newsletter. Subscribers to our service have the option to choose what they want to send their readers.

In 2011 I added my first designer to help with the branding of logo design, business cards, and basic Word Press Website development.  As of today I have 2 designers that work with me to help other professionals “look good” with their business brand and overall image.

2014 brings more changes in the business and services we offer with my vision!  Our newsletter system is now integrated with Mail Chimp and therefore people who use our service can manage their own Mail Chimp account and use our service on a monthly, bi-monthly, or unlimited basis!  We will be expanding our database to include more articles on mindful eating, sports nutrition, and inspirational content.

Stand Out Be Remembered e-book

MELISSA: How inspiring that you’ve been able to be so successful and grow – but clearly that is because of your vision and hard work. I use Mail Chimp for my newsletter as well and am glad to hear it’s what you recommend and use. I’m curious about your e-book – tell us about that.

YVETTE: The information shared are simple principles of marketing and business that I believe are all too often “forgotten” about.  Remember we are in the “people” business and the work we do needs to be centered on the “people” we serve. The free e-book can be downloaded at www.creativenutritionmarketing.com is an excellent guide and resource for any professional who has a passion for helping other people while building a thriving business.

MELISSA: Tell us about Foodspirations.

YVETTE: Foodspirations was developed initially to send tips and notes to clients on a daily basis to keep them inspired and engaged to keep moving forward and become their personal best.  Over the years the concept with Foodspirations has evolved and now we have a complete line of materials that can be used by health professionals as “marketing tools”.  All Foodspiration products can be rebranded with business colors and logo to help customize it and create a lasting impact.  The Foodspiration products are intended to be tools to enhance the client relationship and loyalty. You can view the complete Foodspiration shop here.

MELISSA: You certainly have a lot going on! What are you focused on right now?

YVETTE: Launching our new system that I have been working with developers on since October.  This new system will integrate with Mail Chimp, give users more control over their “customization” of the newsletter, and reduce the fees! I am also hoping to offer more Foodspiration products in the upcoming year.  Stay tuned for 2014 holiday cards and products!

MELISSA: You must utilize a variety of communications skills every day – what types are you most engaged in and what comes naturally (and what doesn’t)?

YVETTE: Writing comes naturally – I do a lot of writing and hope to do more blogging after our new system is up.

Here are some blog post I think your readers could benefit from:

I still get a little nervous with speaking, but am working on that!  I will be speaking at FNCE 2014 in Atlanta as the NE Spotlight Session, “Creating Fame: The Power of Branding to Elevate Your Career” and would love to see you there! Earlier in 2014 I had the opportunity to speak at the Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic Spring Assembly on the power of personal connections in building your business.  I am also offering a free tele-seminar to district associations “Becoming the Entrepreneurial Dietitian”.

I have finally gotten comfortable with “being social” and my favorite platforms are Instagram and Pinterest. On Instagram you can find me at FoodspirationsRD, follow me on Twitter @yvettequantz, and get updates and business tips on Facebook.

Twitter – Yvette Quantz

Facebook – Yvette Quantz

MELISSA: I enjoyed your presentation at the IAND meeting and am every excited that you are representing NE at FNCE, too! Please share one learning that made a big impact on you and that you think might help other RDs.

YVETTE: “Spend about 80% of your time nurturing relationships of current clients / followers and about 20% trying to get new business.”  Wow – that right there was a BIG game changer for me.  Once I did this it was amazing the shift in my business.

MELISSA: Very interesting! What are your top 3 tips for other RDs who want to improve their communication skills?


  • Be authentic. Believe in whatever you are communicating.
  • Practice. You will make mistakes and “getting out there” is not always easy, but it gets easier the more you do it!
  • Engage with others. Remember, it’s not all about YOU (or me), it’s about the people we serve and how the products/services we create can enhance the lives of others! Be genuinely interested in what others have to say / offer.  When you feel yourself becoming to “ME” centered, turn your energy outward.  You will see a shift in your business…for the better!

MELISSA:  Love this! You shared some fun stories about your family during the IAND presentation. Can you tell us a little bit about them and how you like to enjoy your time when you’re not paving the way for entrepreneurial dietitians?

YVETTE: I have 2 girls – Lucy (7 years old) and Mattie (23 months), they were born on the same day!

Yvette’s Girls

We love to play music and dance – around the house or jiving in the car.  Their current music request is either music from Frozen or 80’s music (in my 7 year old’s words “that is the fun music!”).  I am originally from New Orleans and we love to go home as often as possible.  I love to run, do yoga, scrap book, and I am a picture fanatic!  My 7 year old has even told me “Mom, you should go back to high school and become a photographer, Emma’s mom told me it’s never too late to go back to school!”

My husband is an avid duck hunter, so once a year I aim to venture out into the freezing marsh and join him.  I love the scenery and morning sun set – but the cold is not for me!

Yvette and Family

EPILOGUE: A warm thank you to Yvette for sharing her passion, energy and insights with us here and every day! Get to know Yvette and you will certainly catch a spark of creativity and inspiration! Check out her website and social media outlets and be sure to keep her services in mind to help boost your biz!

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