Coronavirus & Quarantine: Food Tips & Resources

Mar 16, 2020

Food Tips for Coronavirus and Quarantine from Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE

I hope you are staying healthy and staying sane during this crazy new pandemic world we are living in.

I have been gathering resources and compiling them to share with you about coronavirus disease related to food, nutrition and health – everything from stocking up your kitchen, trying to eat healthy and keep up with basic self-care such as getting exercise and adequate sleep, to making sure you have enough prescription and over the counter medications and supplies, and to beware of scams involving false claims about foods and supplements that can cure or prevent the disease – you know those “immune boosting” claims that go beyond just normal, healthy eating recommendations.

As a dietitian I’m especially concerned about those who are food insecure or at risk of food insecurity so I have some information about food assistance programs and ask that if you are in a position to help those in need that you please do so – by donating food or money or time (if it’s possible to volunteer but keeping social distancing in mind).

As a diabetes care and education specialist I’m also concerned about people with diabetes. While they are NOT at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, they are far more likely to face serious complications and even death from the disease. Medications, supplies and sick day management are incredibly important during this time of uncertainty.

I realize there’s a lot of information out there right now and everyone is feeling overwhelmed and bombarded but here are some links to credible and helpful articles, videos and other resources from some of my dietitian colleagues, from the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (formerly AADE) and from the CDC.

Take care and stay healthy!


COVID-19 – What You Need to Know – Centers for Disease Control

FAQs about COVID-19 and Food – FDA

Avoid Coronavirus Scams – What the FTC is Doing

Can You Boost Your Immunity with Food? – The Seattle Times, Carrie Dennett

Can You Prevent Coronavirus with Food or Supplements? – Abby Langer

Coronavirus: Nutrition for immunity and meal planning for quarantines – Marisa Michael

Pantry Stock Up Checklist – Mandy Enright

Coronavirus Quarantine: How to Prepare – Video – Mandy Enright

Stock Up, Stay Calm, and Carry On – Rust Nutrition Services

Pantry Essentials Guide – Rebecca Clyde

Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus – blog post by Abby Langer

Hurricane-Ready Cookbook – Florida State University

Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund

Find Your Local Food Bank – Feeding America

As Coronavirus Closes Schools, USDA Offers Limited Help to Kids Who Rely on School Meals – Civil Eats

COVID-19 – American Diabetes Association

Preparing for illness when you have diabetes and Patient handouts on sick day management for adults and children – Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (formerly AADE)

Emergency preparedness during the coronavirus spread – Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (formerly AADE)

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