Podcast Episode 119: Food, Pseudoscience & Science Moms – Kavin Senapathy

May 1, 2019

Always try to avoid intellectual shortcuts, like food mantras, when it comes to making decisions about food.”

The Demarcation of Food Pseudoscience vs. Science

“Pseudoscience can be a powerful weapon in the hands of those who know how to exploit it, primarily because it can sound so credible (and because the demarcation between pseudoscience and science isn’t as black and white as some would like to believe). That’s especially true for food, and unfortunately, it’s not always as clear-cut as separating ‘science’ from ‘pseudoscience,’” Senapathy explained, “Take, for example, the concept of ‘clean’ eating. It doesn’t really mean a whole lot — the FDA only talks about ‘clean’ with regard to sanitation and food safety, and neither the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics nor the Dietary Guidelines for Americans define ‘clean’ eating.” – excerpt from Scott Douglas Jacobsen, The Good Men Project

Kavin Senapathy

Anyone can learn how to spot pseudoscience, but sifting through information and separating the credible wheat from the questionable chaff can be time consuming – which is why I review piles of scientific literature, speak with experts, and do a lot of the legwork in the hopes that I’m helping people with questions find credible answers.”

Kavin SenapathyKavin Senapathy is a writer and public speaker covering science, health, parenting and the intersection of these topics. Her work appears in outlets including Forbes, SELF Magazine, SciShow, and more. She’s also the co-founder of SciMoms, whose goal is to advocate for science and evidence-based parenting, and the co-host for the Center for Inquiry’s Point of Inquiry podcast.

Unfortunately, we can’t always tackle complex problems with simple or specific tips. I encourage people to dig deeper to find not only the source of the information, but also the source of their question or concern. I believe this helps people come to their own conclusions.”

Melissa and Kavin at the 2018 World Umami Forum


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The Social Consequences of the GMO Debate

No, the New Organ Discovery Doesn’t Explain Acupuncture

Science Moms Movie
Science Moms Movie

Point of Inquiry podcast

Adam Conover and Tim Caulfield on the Algorithm, Gwyneth Paltrow, Netflix at CSICon 2018 – Point of Inquiry Podcast episode

Food Evolution – about the movie

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