Podcast Episode 126: Modern Farming, Skepticism & Storytelling– Janice Person

Aug 21, 2019

Food and Farming: Difficult Conversations & Respectful Dialogues Online and Offline

Oftentimes we think we need to be heard more than we need to listen.”

Food brings people together for everything from celebrations to mourning – and feeds the soul for meaningful connection. It can help harness great power in our communities, but in today’s world we are too often letting dietary differences shift us into polarized positions.

Food is far too important to let buzzwords lead the conversation.And while misinformation may be unintentional, disinformation is deliberate and manipulative. In order to engage in more productive conversations, we need to 1) learn to listen better in order to find common ground, 2) employ storytelling to share important information and create a sense of wonder, and 3) be truly respectful of others’ thoughts and feelings.

Janice Person

I’ve gained a reputation for being able to hear people out and find common ground even when they seem to really disagree with me. And that’s critical in today’s online world where people may not come straight out and say some of the things that are going on. Better to listen more and assume less.”

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Janice Person is a city girl from Memphis who had the chance to get to know agriculture in college and has never looked back. Her journey in agriculture has included working at farm magazines, a PR company, a small seed business and Monsanto Company, now Bayer AG. She is a member of the company’s stakeholder engagement team doing outreach online connecting farmers and thegeneral public to increase understanding of who the food on their plates was grown. Janice is one of those people who frequently shares her love of food on social media across channels as JPlovesCOTTON. She he also shares photos of the people who have helped grow it. She has two blogs which include her passion for food and farm — JPlovesLIFE.com and HundredPercentCotton.com. She has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Phillips University in Enid, OK and a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Memphis. St. Louis is home now and Janice loves traveling and the new food experiences it opens up.

When I listen to people talk about food, it’s really easy to want to react. Instead, I find that asking people three questions to seek to understand their position allows us to have a much more productive conversation.”


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