Podcast Episode 130: Food Bullying – Michele Payn

Oct 9, 2019

Food is a basic necessity, and should never be an opportunity for shaming and manipulation.”

Food Bullying – How to Avoid Buying B.S.

Food Bullying, by Michele PaynFood has become a battleground where marketing claims and misinformation are used to bully and shame people about their food choices. What if you could stop stressing about what other people think and make eating decisions based on your own needs and preferences? This startling look at the misrepresentation of food sheds light on fictitious nutrition and environmental claims to help you recognize bullies and defend your food choices.

Armed with science, compelling stories, and a lifetime on the farm, Michele Payn challenges the way you think about food and gives you permission to buy food based on your own social, ethical, environmental and health standards rather than on brand marketing, peer pressure, or social media influence. Food Bullying provides a six-step action plan to overcome bullying around the plate, simplify safe food choices, and even save time at the grocery store.

Exposing the food bullies and their manipulation will hopefully inspire you to have greater confidence in your food-related decisions and more civilized conversations about food and farming. Ultimately, that will lead to even greater food appreciation and enjoyment.”

Michele Payn, CSP

Podcast Episode 130: Food Bullying – Michele PaynAs a Certified Speaking Professional, Michele Payn connects the people and the science of food and farming. She brings clarity and common sense to the emotional food conversation. Michele is one of North America’s leading voices in connecting farm and food, and is the author of three books: Food Bullying, a #1 best seller releasing November 5; Food Truths from Farm to Table, an IPPY bronze medal winner; and No More Food Fights! Michele grows conversations around the food plate at www.causematters.com, and founded AgChat and FoodChat, virtual communities connecting more than 20,000 farmers, dietitians, chefs, foodies, agribusinesses and ranchers from 20 countries.


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