Podcast Episode 142: Obesity Care & Body Positivity – Ted Kyle

Mar 4, 2020

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Food nourishes us in many ways and so one single approach to it will never satisfy our human needs.”

The heterogeneity of obesity dictates that one diet, one plan, one approach simply does not and cannot work for everyone. Obesity and overweight are complex and therefore cannot be adequately addressed without comprehensive and diverse approaches to care.

Weight is neither irrelevant to good obesity care nor is it the sole focus.”

Tune in to this episode to hear a thought-provoking discussion about:

  • Obesity care – what it is and why it is important
  • How obesity care and body positivity are not mutually exclusive
  • Why when it comes to weight management and to people, one size does not fit all – and never will
  • How body shape may play a bigger role in the determinants of health risk than body weight alone
  • The necessity of personalized nutrition/diet
  • The negative impact of weight bias and stigma

Let’s bring more objectivity, curiosity, and caring to the subject of obesity.”

Ted Kyle RPh, MBA

Ted Kyle RPh, MBATed is a healthcare professional experienced in collaborating with leading health and obesity experts for sound policy and innovation to address health needs and the obesity epidemic in North America. For the past 10 years, Ted has dedicated his career to understanding how to address health issues and needs created by obesity.

In 2009, Ted founded ConscienHealth to help experts and organizations work for evidence-based approaches to health and obesity. Through ConscienHealth, Ted works to advance changes in policy and public opinion that will allow new approaches to be developed and put into use. At ConscienHealth, Ted devotes half of his work to nonprofit advocacy, chairing The Obesity Society’s Advocacy Committee and serving on the Steering Committee for the STOP Obesity Alliance and the Board of Directors for the Obesity Action Coalition. Ted also works to help clients develop scientific, regulatory, policy, and business strategies that obesity experts can support.

In addition to his work in obesity, Ted has worked on diverse health issues, such as tobacco dependence, HIV, infectious diseases, GI health, cancer, and organ transplantation. Ted holds two degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Master of Business Administration.


Ted Kyle/ConscienHealth: Website/Blog | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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